Play Zones

Come in and play in our huge indoor playground with separate areas for babies, toddlers, juniors up to 10 years of age.

Baby Area: 

A Miami beach themed exploration zone. Perfect for the under two crowd. Let your infant crawl on the thick padding. Practice their standing and walking skills in an area that they have no worries in. We have soft foam blocks, and other foam structures that they can use to pull themselves up and explore. This area includes a small ball pit for their enjoyment. *Balls are cleaned regularly for the safety of your little ones. 

Toddler Area: 

This area includes a New York themed section with a taxi and a large ball pit. Let the kids run free and use their imagination with our kitchen and mechanic shop role play areas. There are several slides and climbing areas also. 

Big Kidz: 

There is plenty to do for the bigger kids in this around the world themed area. Italy has a giant pizza dough roller they can squeeze themselves through. Practice your football skills with the football obstacle course. Zip-line through the jungle, or brave the rope bridge. Test your soccer skills in London. Or just make your way up the 3 levels and brave the 30 ft slides! No matter what you choose you will have a blast!